We’re starting off the new year with a brand new release in collaboration with Gold Soundz, TIBProd. and Series Negras. It’s a fine selection of the best bits of a whole day of jam sessions between Cam Deas, Carlos Valverde, Jan M. Iversen, Kakofunk, Miguel A. García, Oier Ia, Sindre Bjerga and Steffan de Turck, that took place in the summer of 2008. You can order it via our Discogs page over here.

DIM023: Larraskito Audio Dissection Unit "Exiled In Bilbao"

DIM023: Larraskito Audio Dissection Unit "Exiled In Bilbao"


When summer seems more like autumn and the steady stream of rain keeps you inside your home, you need some reference tone to keep your mind at ease. Paddo One delivers that tone and does it quite well. Monochromatic noise, hiss, crackle and static with only one aim: wiping out the depression data in your head. We kept the design of this cd quite simple as well, so that you can stare at it blankly.

DIM22: PADDO ONE "Mono Error / Tour Lamour" cdr

DIM022: PADDO ONE "Mono Error / Tour Lamour" cdr

This cdr comes to your doormat for € 5 and that includes worldwide shipping. Order your copy by clicking here.

New Vital Weekly review

March 29, 2011

Today’s issue of Vital Weekly featured a rather cryptic review of the Caustic Castle and Stabwound Empire cdr’s:

CCs 3 tracks are of live events, though recorded not via the ambient sound but directly, all are electronics, probably analogue devices modulating and over modulating sine waves in various extremities of frequencies and volumes but unified in a wash of reverb which ‘holds together’ these pieces and so pushes them towards the musical. Stabwound, again 3 pieces (ignoring the titles!) is harsh noise, cut up and overlaid, in the last track a repeated loop of sound which is not deconstructed but destructed in noise,  by noise and with noise, though throughout the noise never attains a wall, it continually collapses. Each collapse a “scientific” anti musical paradigm shift of a less (but perhaps still present) phallogocentricism, an anti musicological materialism. The totalizing plane of transcendence which is wall noise (only) defines a(n absolute) limit, which is a plane where mankind can individuate in non sophistic, non-religious (of music) actualities, events. sound or sound art.
Another plane has been produced of virtuality which is infinite in space (volume) and speed.. a plane where sounds can actualize themselves as univocities rather than signifiers, (of art, music, god, etc) an example of  Laurelle’s One in the last instance in art, sound art, noise art- where music- the totalizing anthropomorphism (the decision of music!) is de-centred by the limit of noise in the virtual plane – which is like a Brassierean nihilism of extinction, and in the simple play of possibilities. contingencies which can now constitute an object as such… In simple terms what Harsh Noise Wall (amongst others – it is not a representation but a repartition of very large or infinite number) has done in its destruction of Music’s pseudo religiosity is opened up a new set of possibilities, its deterritorialization (of music) has created by re-territorialization the possibility of sound works (i.e.) of difference and repartition, as if the object as such was not possible, is now present, at the end an example of pure imagination as event and entity in time. (jliat in Vital Weekly #774)

We have been scrolling the internet a bit in search for old reviews of those newly found releases and came across a nice one for the (VxPxC) release from 2008. It points out that a “release a month” is actually an interesting way of experiencing how a band evolves over time as opposed to waiting for e.g. a “defining” annual release. Read the low down below and order “Baked Potatoes” over here.

“With a discography comprising more than twenty titles in less than four years and a total of 30+ CDs of recorded material, that they, according to their MySpace-page, plan to gradually release, the Californian trio (VxPxC) offers a good example of a new production ethos that many projects working with hybrid forms of noise, improv, drone and folk have adopted in recent years. Rather than directing their efforts towards albums released in larger intervals of time and thus functioning as a definite statement, they opt for a more process-oriented approach. The production job is reduced to a minimum and material is issued more regularly, documenting the best moments from recording sessions and concerts on limited-run cassettes or CD-Rs. “Baked Potatoes”, released in an edition of 77 copies by the Dutch label Dim Records, does exactly that – it presents a collection of tracks, excerpted from longer improvisations without any obvious post-production apart from the selection.

If you’ve heard (VxPxC) before there are no surprises to be expected from that CD-R, but then again, wouldn’t it be disappointing if there were? After all, the trio has developed what might be called a trademark sound, based on guitars – electric and acoustic, picked and bowed – and other string instruments such as banjo, completed with some drumbox-rhythms (often sounding like warped Casio-presets), keyboards, harmonica, recorder and occasional odd singing. The music mostly moves at a soothingly slow pace, large passages of it structured by a regularly shifting pulse that is usually provided by repetitive melodic patterns and sometimes, as in “Under The Bridge, Again”, by additional percussive elements. Folk is the obvious point of reference here, especially when it comes to the harmonica playing, but then seen through a considerably distorting psychedelic filter and blended with a minimal drone aesthetic – one of the finest examples for this is the final, eleven-and-a-half-minute track “June Bugs in July”. The previous track, “Dead Eyes” is considerably shorter but stands out as another highlight with its deliberately cheap and cheesy, semi-orchestral string sounds and muffled vocals.

The pieces on “Baked Potatoes” often contain seemingly haphazard elements and drift around for a while before taking shape and hitting the swinging groove, that is the motor of (VxPxC)’s music. This might call for a more rigorous production, but then again it evokes the atmosphere of casual improvisation sessions, and, in the end, it’s this casualness that makes any possible worries about a lack of quality control superfluous.” (Magnus Schaefer at Earlabs)

"Baked Potatoes" by (VxPxC)

"Baked Potatoes" by (VxPxC)

lost and found

February 7, 2011

Been cleaning up the office a bit in these past few days and came across a box filled with forgotten copies of releases by (VxPxC), Carl Kruger, Bjerga/Iversen, A Vibrant Struggle and Preliminary Saturation! These nice releases are back on sale for you and you can find an overview here at my Discogs’ sellers page. Get that tape / cdr you always were dying to get!

"Crystal Skull Meditation" by A Vibrant Struggle

"Crystal Skull Meditation" by A Vibrant Struggle

Review at Vital Weekly

February 2, 2011

Vital Weekly reviewed the CHAPELS / STAPLERFAHRER tape and this is what they had to say about it: “A split release with from the US Chapels and from the Netherlands Staplerfahrer, released by the label of the latter. I don’t think I heard the music of Chapels before. Its a bit of strange music here. Far away, drenched with sound effects, there is, perhaps, music. Voices, organ, field recordings? I am not sure. But whatever I thought, it sounds pretty much alright. Lo-fidelity soundscapes, relatively easy and cheaply made perhaps, but it works pretty well. Staplerfahrer on the other side has a great piece, which starts out with low humming pulses, that over the course of twenty-five minutes builds up in a strong, drone like manner. A very dynamic piece, even when some of the dynamics are lost in the translation to the medium of cassette, but somehow I think this is an intentional thing from Staplerfahrer. Nice one. (FdW)”.

Three new releases!

January 26, 2011

Below you’ll find the latest releases out on Dim Records. Ordering is easy by clicking the price under the desired release which will lead you to our PayPal page. If you want all three new releases then we have a special offer for you: €17,50 for the lot with worldwide shipping included. Click here.

DIM020: STABWOUND EMPIRE “vasectomy” cdr

Stabwound Empire is part of Norwegian doom/black metal act Utarm. Stabwound Empire is the further explored noise spectrum of Utarm: no metal (unless hooked up with some contact mics) but still as bleak, grim and fierce . Vasectomy comes in a numbered edition of 60.

€7 (incl. worldwide shipping)


Besides running the excellent House of Alchemy label, Adam Richards does his other thing under the name Chapels. Four unearthly and eerie soundscapes titled “Worms Flexed Head” fill up the A side of this tape. The last track reminds us of Sun EP era Crescent. staplerfahrer fills up his side with three tracks titled “Transcendental Wound”, taking us from a hypnotic pulse towards a divine drone. This release is a numbered edition of 40.

€7 (incl. worldwide shipping)

DIM015: CAUSTIC CASTLE “three untitled” cdr

Caustic Castle is Kenneth Yates, also of the improvised noise duo’s Harm Stryker (w/ Constant Mauk) & Insects With Tits (w/ Chefkirk) and an organizer with the HzCollective. Kenneth Yates utilizes the no-input mixing technique coupled with live processing using the on-board mixer EQ’s, various filters, effects pedals and aux-sends to re-route the paths in which the feedback loops interact. This release captures Caustic Castle during three different live shows.

€7 (incl. worldwide shipping)